• The Sleepwalkers

    The Sleepwalkers

    Book one in the Best Selling psychological thriller series! In the run-down streets of Baltimore, under the broken light of a shrouded moon, a young boy is about to commit a terrible crime. He stumbles forward, through back-alley muck. Uncaring. Unaware. Almost as if he’s sleepwalking. Gordon Pope is the specialist the Baltimore City Police call in…

  • Mind Games

    Mind Games

    Book two in the Best Selling psychological thriller series! In the gated community of Merryville, the elite wealthy of Maryland are protected from everything that could harm them. Everything except themselves. Young Sophie West, a star student at Merryville Prep, has a secret. She’s hearing whispers from an imaginary friend she thought she left behind years ago.…

  • Shadow Land

    Shadow Land

    Book three in the Best Selling psychological thriller series! When night falls upon Ditchfield Juvenile Detention Facility in the Maryland foothills, whatever the watch tower lights don’t touch is taken by the shadows. Inside are young men the state calls lost causes and future convicts. The violent. The mentally ill. The forgotten. One of those patients is a…