Cover for the Sleepwalkers

The Sleepwalkers

Book one in the Best Selling psychological thriller series!

In the run-down streets of Baltimore, under the broken light of a shrouded moon, a young boy is about to commit a terrible crime.

He stumbles forward, through back-alley muck. Uncaring. Unaware. Almost as if he’s sleepwalking.

Gordon Pope is the specialist the Baltimore City Police call in for hard cases involving kids. He’s a child psychiatrist with a special talent for explaining the unexplainable. Right now, the unexplainable is Ethan Barret, a twelve-year-old accused of attempted murder, who was asleep the whole time.

Officer Dana Frisco has seen just about everything during her years working the Baltimore beat, but something about Ethan’s case is different. She starts finding connections that shouldn’t be there. Between Ethan and other children. Between these kids and the underbelly of the city.

Gordon sees connections too, between Ethan and himself. Shared memories of a darkness Gordon thought he’d put behind him for good. He can only help Ethan if he faces down his own demons, and time is running out.

When kids are in danger, Frisco and Pope don’t quit. But neither does the darkness that comes at nightfall, in a city where dreams can be deadly.

Begin the best selling Gordon Pope Thriller series that readers call “A true heart grabber” that “Keeps you reading until the early morning hours!