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I enjoyed every minute of this book! - ★★★★★


Book two in the Amazon #1 Best Selling Gordon Pope Thrillers series!

Gordon Pope is the psychiatrist the Baltimore City Police call when the case gets too weird. He knows things about the mind that nobody else knows. He’s not afraid to dive headlong into the paranormal side of human brain when kids’ lives are at risk. One of those kids is Sophie West.

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When Sophie was a child, she used to play hide and seek with her imaginary friend Mo. Now she’s thirteen and Mo’s games are getting more and more dangerous. She knows he’s supposed to be make-believe, but someone is starting very real fires in her exclusive Baltimore neighborhood and Sophie is terrified it might be Mo.

Detective Dana Frisco is hot on the trail of the firebug, but the arsonist is elusive and getting more dangerous by the day. If she hopes to solve the case before someone gets killed, she’s going to have to pull together every resource she has and figure out a way to soothe warring hearts, including her own.

Gordon Pope is trying to get his fledgling child psychiatry practice off the ground. When he answers Sophie’s call for help, he thinks he’s simply taking on another troubled young patient. What he doesn’t realize is that he’s about to find out just how deadly Mo’s games really are.

What readers are saying:

★★★★★ – “Mind Blown”

★★★★★ – “Mystery at its finest.”


★★★★★ – “Brilliant book!”

★★★★★ – “Had to have this one”

★★★★★ – “I enjoyed every minute of this book.”

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B. B. Griffith · Mind Games (Gordon Pope Thrillers, #2) Audiobook Sample
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