Shadow Land ebook cover

Shadow Land

Book three in the Best Selling psychological thriller series!

When night falls upon Ditchfield Juvenile Detention Facility in the Maryland foothills, whatever the watch tower lights don’t touch is taken by the shadows. Inside are young men the state calls lost causes and future convicts. The violent. The mentally ill. The forgotten.

One of those patients is a young man named Charlie Cunningham. He knows all too well that the rumors are true. That’s why Charlie has a plan. By the time the crooked guards do nighttime rounds, he’ll be long gone.

Charlie has unfinished business with the dark side of Baltimore. And with Gordon Pope. He made a promise to his sister. One he intends to keep, no matter what.

The Baltimore City Police are about to go on high alert. And when they do, Detective Dana Frisco and Marty Cicero are all that stands between Gordon Pope and the oncoming storm.

Read the explosive finale to the best selling Gordon Pope Thriller series that readers call “Just undeniably good” and “Crime novels in a new way.