The Wind Thief Vanished Book 4 cover

The Wind Thief

Book four in the Best Selling supernatural suspense series!

A dark wind gathers on Chaco Navajo reservation, deep in the heart of New Mexico. Grant Romer, the Keeper of the secret bell, can feel it pulling at his soul. 

A stranger arrives ahead of the storm. A powerful medicine man from a faraway clan who goes by the name Jacob Dark Sky. He claims he can heal the people of Chaco with a song. Joey Flatwood and a handful of the other old-school Navajo aren’t so sure. They know Dark Sky isn’t what he seems.

With the dark wind tearing down everything around them, Grant, Caroline, Owen and Joey turn to Ben Dejooli—known as the Walker—for help. But the Walker has gone missing.

Continue the bestselling saga of Southwestern magic and mystery that readers call “breathtaking,” “a fantastic read” and “worth the wait!