The Coyote Way Vanished Book 3 cover

The Coyote Way

Book three in the Best Selling supernatural suspense series!

The Walker chases a rogue spirit, something dark and chaotic that broke through into the land of the living and took on the form of a coyote.

Caroline and Owen have been on the move for years trying to find a place to call home. Caroline remains torn–her heart split in two. Half of her loves Owen, the other half still loves Ben. Grant travels with them, but he struggles with the weight of his position as Keeper and wants to carve his own path.

They don’t know it yet, but all of them are traveling in the same direction. Back to Chaco Navajo Reservation . . . which is exactly what the coyote wants.

Continue the bestselling saga of Southwestern magic and mystery that readers call “a great modern supernatural tale” and “good all the way to the end!