Blue Fall Tournament Book 1 Cover

Blue Fall

Book one in the Best Selling action thriller series!

In the near future, a shadowy organization runs a secret competition with the power to control the fate and fortune of millions.

Frank Youngsmith lives a simple nine-to-five life as an insurance adjuster. Day after day, he slogs through the same routine. Until the day he gets handed a case that pulls him into an underground world of political conspiracy, intrigue, and blood sport known only as the tournament.

The powerful patrons of the tournament pit teams of three against one another in a global war game using state-of-the-art weaponry. Shadowy sponsors use the competition to settle outrageous wagers. The tournament is constrained by no laws and has only one real rule: it must stay secret.

But in the world of the tournament, secrets are very hard to keep.

Begin the bestselling action-thriller series that readers call “Intense, unexpected, and just awesome!