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Black Spring

Book 3 in the Best Selling Tournament Series

In the near future, a shadowy competition known only as the tournament has the power to change the fates and fortunes of millions. One man—Eddie Mazaryk—fights to control it all.

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Eddie Mazaryk gathers influence as the steward of the Black House, working behind the scenes to create a global mafia of the world’s most powerful tournament teams. His goal: to mold the tournament into the strongarm he believes it was created to be.

Frank Youngsmith and Allen Lockton know the only way to beat a man like Mazaryk is with information. They race against time to provide Ellie Willmore and Team Blue with an edge—insights into the inner workings of the most dangerous man in the game.

In the fallout from Shawnee, Team Blue is reeling and the remaining teams are divided. Ellie is the only one who can stop the Black House, but to do it, she needs to pull off a miracle: unite sworn enemies to beat the best of the best.

The stakes have never been higher: The winners own the tournament while the losers forfeit everything…even their lives. Ties of friendship, love and hate are tested to the breaking point in Black Spring—the spectacular conclusion of the Tournament Trilogy.

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B. B. Griffith · Black Spring (The Tournament, #3) Audiobook Sample
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